Own My Life Taster Day for Professionals.




Own My Life Taster Day for Professionals.


As part of our work at Space 4 Action, we run the Own My Life course with women who have been subjected to abuse.  The course is an innovative, creative, educational 12-week course.  It enables women to regain ownership of their lives after abuse.  Using multi-media content to show messages within popular culture that reinforce or perpetuate sexism, rape culture, violence, disrespect in relationships and abusive behaviour, the course videos explain complex concepts in easy to understand terms.  The Own My Story journal provides participants with all the ideas, key concepts and course content with space for reflection and notes.  At the end of the course, if it is safe to do so, participants can take their journal away to continue their learning and reflection.

We are delighted that many professionals have asked us about referring women onto the course, and we want to ensure as many women as possible can get access to it.  However, we also want to ensure that professionals know what the course entails and can effectively explain how the course may be useful to women they work with.  Therefore, we offer a Taster Day for professionals to explain more about the course, enable professionals to experience how the course works and provide information about how to refer women in. 

100% of those IoM professionals who have attended our Taster Days would recommend it to others. At the most recent session, 100% said it was “very useful” and 80% said it exceeded their expectations.


Here’s what the IoM professionals said:


“Great hosts with lots of knowledge! Very open and transparent, which is refreshing”.

“Fantastic! So needed on the Island. So many tools and visual too”.

“Engaging throughout, supportive to women and very interesting”.

“Good pace and very insightful”.

“I applaud the Course! Loved the videos. Fully recommend the day”.

“Well run, kept my attention (which is hard!) A broad range of information and resources to empower people”.

“Fantastic hearing from survivors who have completed the course – very powerful”.

“Hearing the thoughts of the course graduates was very reassuring, it has clearly had a positive impact on their lives”.

“A really worthwhile and insightful day. Thanks so much, very well run, interesting, great videos, loved it. Thanks for running this taster day and thanks for running the 12-week course. You are changing lives!”