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12 August 2021: Kate Shepherd, 66, was shot dead by Jake Davison, 22, in Plymouth. Davison killed four other people (his mother Maxine Davison/Chapman, Sophie Martyn, Lee Martyn, Stephen Washington) before killing himself.

7 August 2021: Megan Newborough, 23, is thought to have been killed before being found dead the following day in a country lane in Leicestershire. Ross Macullam, 29, has been charged with rape and murder.

It’s easy to get swept up in relationships, so how do young people decide what is and isn’t OK? We & young people have co-created the #IsItOk? campaign to understand toxic behaviours in young people’s relationships. Please share the survey with those in your life aged 11-25

Wondering why this is not getting more attention, or being treated more seriously

Just seen this after being highly irritated by comments by Isle of Man Constabulary suggesting that lockdown is causing DA and issuing this advice to abusers: "Please be reminded that domestic abuse is unacceptable in any situation, no matter what stresses you are under."

Refuge @RefugeCharity

Domestic abuse is always a choice a perpetrator makes – isolation is not an excuse for abuse. Share if you agree.

Important and clear advice for everyone concerned someone is at risk of abuse #NoExcuseForAbuse

Can we get this to @Carole_King ?

276 members of our choir sing You’ve Got A Friend for @womensaid & help fight the domestic abuse that is increasing in this time of isolation.

Watch and listen here:

#YouAreNotAlone #WeAreStrongerTogether

Such a disappointing, minimising and ill informed comment by our Chief Constable, highlighting the need for education, awareness and training on the Isle of Man

Such a disappointing, minimising and ill informed comment by our Chief Constable, highlighting the need for education, awareness and training on the Isle of Man

1 in 5 children experience domestic abuse growing up, yet only some of them will have access to specialist support for children and young people. This is unacceptable. On #UniversalChildrensDay let's call for future MPs to pledge to #Invest2EndAbuse so no child is left behind. brave DA survivors describing their experience and lack of understanding or empathy from authorities and services

Since Natalie Connolly was killed, these 12 other UK women and girls have been killed by men who claimed they consented to the violence.

They are among 59 women killed since 1972, and many more injured.

Read their stories:

Light sentencing sends a dangerous message to perpetrators and makes our communities less safe. We owe it to the women who have lost their lives, and their families, to ensure that all perpetrators face the full force of the law.

Long awaited DA Bill gets second reading, will create DA offence and CoCo Offence,

Contrast in coverage of court case into the death of Mavis Bran - survivors in abusive relationships will be reading these stories, we need the media to clearly send a message of what #DomesticAbuse is & not perpetuate #victimblaming - Support available @LiveFearFree 08088010800

Coverage of the #sutda conference yesterday; the first completely survivor-led conference in Wales, organised and hosted by @Dontlookback198

DA sentencing on the Isle of Man - Law must change
@losinggracefilm @AbuseFreeLife @Dontlookback198 @JMoncktonSmith @DrEmmaKatz @David_Challen @CoCoAwareness @gerri_allinson @daffydowndilly @justice4women @JenLGilmour @WomenofMann


Kay Martin was found with four fractures in skull and electrical cable around her neck.
Northumbria Police returned keys to Alan Martin after quizzing him about rape.

The eight warning signs your partner could be a deadly domestic abuser, including a fast-moving relationship

Victims are the true experts of DA and at the heart of everything we do. Inspiring to hear @FMullaneAAFDA raising victims and their families profiles in DHRs @AAFDA6 #IGDomesticAbuse

Progress on Isle of Man abuse legislation and great interviews and coverage by Manx radio. Thanks all who signed our petition, please keep sharing!
#DomesticAbuse #CoerciveControl

#Triathlon2StopDA training continued today with a run with my fantastic supportive wife. Raising money for @safelives_ and @STagainstDV at the iconic and hard Alpe D'Huez Triathlon in the French Alps @alpe_triathlon

My mother, Sally Challen, was branded a cold-blooded killer. At last, she has justice.

The fact that society is ahead of the CPS in understanding domestic violence is a damaging indictment of the criminal justice system.

My comment for The Observer.

No one can understand what I’ve been through to get to this point.

Mother and son separated for 9 years reunited and seeing justice.



50% of r population r #women We need diverse female voices 2 get an accurate depiction of r lives. #LosingGrace is giving a voice to the unheard through an #AllFemale team. Pls support us, #Pledge&Share

#SupportIndieFilm #womeninfilm #CrowdFunding #BIM

Great work by the @StalkingUnit

Dave echoes the words I say on my #stalking training. Victims wake up wondering how they're going to keep themselves safe that day. They're so fearful they can't think past that day. Professionals need to understand this.

Thank you @Athena_Mandis for coming today @LGR1033 to talk to us about your film @losinggracefilm A film which aims to bring awareness about domestic abuse.
Thank you @ToyotaEnfield for sponsoring this show.
#DomesticAbuse #film #awareness #crowdfunding

@allinson_alex @daffydowndilly @MinGrob @michaelsheen @CountDeadWomen @CCCBuryStEd @CoCoAwareness @womensaid @RefugeCharity Please share support this DA film made on Isle of Man shown worldwide as little as £1 pledge could make this happen and save lives

Good morning!! Thank you so much everyone who has and is supporting us on the journey of #LosingGrace this crucial #film is a Trojan horse, a beautiful film that exposes a flawed system that protects abusers #DomesticViolence


We have got to keep the conversation going. We have got to talk about it in order to raise awareness and reducing isolation. Read the myths, learn the truth and see how @TheHavenWton can support you 💜

#BreakTheSilence #awareness4all #domesticabuse

2 more stories show how inadequately domestic abuse is understood by the Courts on the Isle of man:§ionIs=news&searchyear=2019§ionIs=news&searchyear=2019

Almost 169k signatures on the petition. Staying silent to the further abuse in family court isn’t an option.
The voices of those who have endured it must be heard!

@jessphillips @LouHaigh @carolynharris24 @Tranzform @ToniaAntoniazzi @michaelsheen

The CPS role is to prosecute, not give up - read more here:

Keep pushing the petition!
Almost 169k signatures now. Let’s keep the pressure on for an independent inquiry.
@jessphillips @LouHaigh @carolynharris24 @ToniaAntoniazzi

Nxivm trial hears of debauchery and cruelty within alleged 'sex cult'

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